What Exercises Can You Do on a Treadmill Without Running

What Exercises Can You Do on a Treadmill Without Running?

Have you ever wished you could turn your treadmill into something that allows for a broader range of activities?

Actually, you need not be wishing such wishes because there are several things you can do with your treadmill that don’t involve running.

If you’re interested in the other ways you can have a swell time on your treadmill without running, you will find this article very helpful.

We’ve listed 8 alternative exercises for a treadmill that aren’t running but will not only help you burn all those crazy calories but also strengthen your whole body.
So, grab a chair and happy reading!

8 Alternative Treadmill Workouts That Aren’t Running

1. Crab Walk

If the last time you did a crabwalk was in grade two, now you have a reason to do it again. Even without a treadmill, crabwalk is an effective exercise.

However, when you do it on your treadmill, everywhere from your glutes, triceps, and hamstrings to your core will be built and strengthened.

To do this exercise, set your treadmill to a speed level of 1 to 2 mph. Afterward, get behind the treadmill and assume the crab position. You should ensure you are facing away from the machine. Let your back facing the floor, and your hands are on the treadmill’s sides.

Make sure your hands are holding tightly to the machine’s belts while your two feet are levelled on the floor, and your hips are raised. With this stance, try to walk your hands forward along the belt.

2. Walking Plank


The walking plank places more pressure on your shoulders, thus building your stabilizers in the process.

To do this exercise, change your treadmill’s speed to 1 or 2 mph, then get behind the machine and make the plank position. 

Put both of your hands on the side of the treadmill’s base. Ensure you’re in a straight line from head to toe before placing your hands on the treadmill belt. Once this is done, walk your hands forward for the whole length of the exercise.

3. Walking Lunges

Walking lunges may not be possible to do on your gym floor. There’s hardly enough space to stretch as much as you want. So, why not do it on your treadmill? Using your cardiovascular equipment allows you to do this exercise without obstacles and obstructions. As such, it’ll be easier to focus on what you’re doing and get the best result possible.

When making lunges, you need to get on your feet and keep both of your legs wide apart. Set your treadmill’s speed to be around three mph. Clasp your hands together at your chest level and take a step forward. Take the step with your right leg and then slightly lower your body till your right knee is bent at a 90 degrees angle. Stand back up and take your back foot forward such that your whole body moves forward. Continue to do this while alternating between your two legs for each step. If you like, you can set the incline to 5 per cent to emphasize your hamstrings and glutes.

4. Side Shuffles

This exercise is meant to build your inner thighs and your outer thighs. While doing this, the workout will also function as a cardio exercise and ton your calves.

Begin by getting on your treadmill and standing sideways on it. Let your knees be bent slightly. After this, raise your speed level to be between 3 and 5.5 mph. Do some fast side shuffles. Always avoid hitting the ground hard. Instead, land gently on the balls of your feet. Once you’re done with one side, switch to the other. 

5. Low Squat Side Shuffles

If you’re trying to build your butt muscles, this is the exercise to do. The workout reaches your glutes medius and gives you a nice looking butt.

First, get on your treadmill and stand sideways. The next thing is to position yourself for quarter-squat while keeping your chest up, and your core supported and steadied. Increase your speed to around 1 and 2 mph. Maintain your quarter-squat position while stepping towards the front of the treadmill using your closest leg. Next, move your opposite leg as well. Switch to your other side and repeat.

6. Reverse Mountain Climbers

This exercise will help to sculpt your backside as well. However, it will do this while working your whole body.

Start by setting the treadmill speed to 1 to 2 mph. Next, get behind your treadmill and assume a plank position while facing away from the treadmill. Ensure that your feet are on the sides of the equipment’s base. Meanwhile, both your hands should be on the floor. Once you’re good to go, put your feet on the treadmill, and push one knee into your chest. At the same time, let your other leg extend backwards. Keep switching legs till you finish the exercise

7. Treadmill Push

This is one of the most tasking exercises you can do. Treadmill push works by mimicking the motion you make when on a weighted sledge. You’d have to turn off the machine first though. Note that the belt of some treadmills cannot move when the engine is turned off.

Switch off and pull the treadmills emergency tag. Now stand on & hold both handles of your treadmill, letting your elbows be bent slightly. And then push your legs forward to push the belt back with your feet.

8. Incline Pushups

Stand beside the treadmill after turning it off. Place your hands on top of the machine’s handles and stand straight. Bend your elbows to do a pushup and bring your chest down to touch the equipment’s console. Wait, then push up again.

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